Benefits Of Steam Wash For Your Vehicles


Steam-wash for vehicles is designed to clean automobiles with steam instead of jets of water that are usually used on vehicles. A traditional way of cleaning automobiles comprises of using water, brushes and other kinds of materials that often prove abrasive on the smooth surface of a vehicle. That can lead to minute scratches on car polishes or paints. To avoid such side effects steam wash is often given to certain vehicles.

What is a steam wash?

When it comes to steam wash for a car, it comprises of high powered steam being sprayed on a car. Usually detergents are also used along with steam in such a cleaning procedure. Specialty car wash techniques such as this one are often employed in workshops that offer car detailing services. When steam wash is used on a car, the vehicle is then wiped with a microfiber cloth. This prevents scratches from occurring that normal fabric can leave behind as well as does not cloud the surface of the vehicle. Such a specialty wash is usually recommended for luxury cars whose paint and finish need special protection and care.

How it started?

Though most car wash services usually employ water as in traditional car washing, steam wash came into being in the South Korea original where it was an answer to the shortage of water when it comes to cleaning cars. It is now a service that is offered by detailing and car window tinting services as an eco friendly choice. Today, most modern city car services offer steam wash as an environmental friendly alternative to getting your car washed by water.

How it is done?

In a steam car wash method, the steam of a certain temperature and heat is applied on a car at high speed. That makes it an effective way to get rid of tar, grime, dirt as well as bugs that are usually found on automobile bodies. The inside as well as outside of a car are cleaned by this method. However, in case the upholstery is made of leather or other materials that might get affected by heat and steam, some other methods are employed to clean the interiors. However, with steam wash a car wash service ends up using less water as is required in the cleaning of vehicles. Also the runoff from a steam clean is much less compared to washing up with water. If you wish to try steam cleaning for your vehicle, look up the automobile care services in your region. It is a specialty wash technique that might be found in select places.