Buying A New Boat Or A Pre-Owned Own — Which Is A Better Decision?

Buying a new boat or a pre-owned one can be a matter of personal choice and budget; but if you are considering the two options with a hand in both, what is important for you to actually know is that, which one is going to give you better service for less trouble and expenses. First of all let us point it out that for any vessel, old or new, troubles can pop up at any moment without a prior notice. So, you cannot really take a decision considering on that aspect. Both the new boats as well as the old boats have their own pros and cons, and you need to weigh between them and consider which one suits better with your requirements to find the best one for you.

The very reasons for spending on new boats are surely their appearance, manufacturer’s warranty and the untold assurance that a new thing is always better than the used one, but when it comes to boats the things might not be laid the same way. The new boats can be priced more than double of the used boats, and this is obviously the first reason to opt for the older ones. It is most expected that an old boat has already gone through boat engine rebuilds and hence you will get no warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

The 4-5 year old boats are priced much less than the new ones and being only 4-5 years old they are most expected to give you the best service when refurbished in the right way and there are always the boat engine rebuilds to help you out in any issues with the engine. These boats will also incur less insurance cost compared to the new ones and yet will have a good resale value.

The other benefit of spending in old boats is that in case the boat had some mechanical issues, it is expected to have already propped up and resolved. On the other hand, by buying an old boat you automatically promise to pay on refurbishing of the model, and the cost of refurbishing an old boat can be 50% to 200% of its cost. So, there are both pros and cons in the account of both the options. Buying a 10 or 15 year old boat is also considered as a bad investment particularly because in this case you might expect only a very low resale value for the vessel. So, considering all the aspects, it is suggested that the best option when it comes to buying a boat is to spend on a 4-5 year old used boat from a reputed dealer.