How To Give Your Vehicle A Special Cleansed Look

Have you always wanted that shiny dazzling look emanating from your car which gives it a quality new attire? You would love to see your neighbours, friends or colleagues do a double take on your same old car wouldn’t you. Here are a few tips on how you could ensure that sparkling new look for your car in a small amount of time and at a cost friendly rate to your pocket. The following is a step by step guide to cleaning the exterior of your car.

Ready the Utensils

Before starting the cleaning process makesure you assemble all the cleaning supplies needed and organize them in a manner easy for you to handle. For this you’ll need cleaning utensils such as Car soap, Sponge, a bucket, Window cleaner, polish, Wax, A Hoes, Soft cloth, Dry paper etc. Once everything needed is in place, you can proceed with the cleaning. 

Start Up with Washing

Make sure you park your car in a suitable location with good water drainage and in a shady area. After the paint is cooled down start washing the exterior of your car by plain water using the hose. Wash off any mud or on lying material with a strong splash of water. While this goes on pour some car soap into your bucket and let it dissolve with water until it comes to a soapy bubbly texture.

Rinse Thoroughly

Once the car is washed, Start rinsing it by using a sponge dipped in the earlier said soap mix. Rinse off the car to remove any remaining loose dirt, dust or grime. Make sure you get through to all parts of the car including windscreen, side windows and rear windows. If they are of already of damaged nature with scrapes or shatters you might want to consider car side window replacements, windscreen and rear window replacements. Without clean windows a car wouldn’t look good no matter how much you wash off the exterior.

Wipe With Soft Cloth or Dry Paper

After the car is rinsed and soaped you will need to wash it all off with a clean stream of water using the hose. Make sure all the soap is washed off. Once this is done, use a soft cloth or a dry paper to mop up the water on the body of the car. You’ll slowly be able to see the effects of washing while you do this. Visit this link for further information regarding windscreen replacement.

Polish it up

When the mopping up is done, the car exterior will look quite good although it might lack the finishing touch. To get that shiny glossy exterior you wish for, you’ll now need to use wax to polish out the body of your car. This can be done using a waxing machine or a by a little bit more of your elbow grease.